Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Anthony Annunziato

Anthony Annunziato to speak to Finance 401 on November 4, 2004

Mr. Annunziato is President and trading principal of AAA Capital Management Inc. He began his involvement with commodity futures on the Chicago Board of Trade during the early 1970s. For over 20 years at Smith Barney (SB) and its predecessor firms, Mr. Annunziato has provided energy futures brokerage services to a wide range of commercial traders and individual investors. He began trading individual commodity accounts on a discretionary basis in 1984. Mr. Annunziato is presently a Senior Vice President of Investments, Commodity Futures Sales at SB. Since 1991 he has also operated privately held companies which make energy related investments with proprietary funds.

Mr. Annunziato graduated in 1971 from St. Bonaventure University with a BS in Business Management.

He has worked with

AAA Capital Management Inc. Houston, Texas (March 1997-Present)
Smith Barney Inc., Houston, Texas (January 1984-Present)
E.F. Hutton, Houston, Texas (July 1979 - December 1984)

I am sure you will find the presentation both interesting and informative.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Office hours, NYC trip, etc

Hi everyone...

A few announcements:

I have a meeting at 1:15-2:10 on Tuesday. I will have to miss the beginning of office hours. I will get back as soon as I can. I am sorry about it.

Because of the night exam, we will not be having class this Thursday (when the Finance Club is in NYC).

Now is the time to begin your job search for next year! Be sure to be actively looking. Have your resume completed and be watching career services for anouncements. Also posting it online can not hurt!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Make-up tests--new policy

new policy on Make-up exams

I am pretty sure the Dean was talking to me in this email!

(Barb O'Keefe is our secretary)

In the past, many of us have routinely left make-up exams with Barb O’Keefe to
administer to students at their convenience. While Barb is glad to provide that
assistance, our continued reduction in available free spaces in which to conduct
make-up exams has made the administration of unscheduled make-up exams
increasingly difficult.

To ease the burden on Barb, as well as to ensure that there are appropriate spaces available to our students to use for completing their examinations, I would like to request the following:

Please check with Barb before scheduling make-up exams that you would like her assistance in administering. Barb can then ensure that there is adequate space available at the scheduled times, or suggest other times in which space will be available. If make-up exams must be scheduled for more students than can be accommodated in the available space in Murphy at a single time, you may need to schedule a classroom for the exam, and make appropriate arrangements to proctor. Even if you are planning to administer a make-up exam yourself in one of the available spaces on the 2nd floor (e.g., the “printer room”), please be sure to check with Barb; she will keep a schedule of when that room is in use so that we can avoid scheduling conflicts.

what this means: no more take the test whenever...expect there to be a single time only. One solution may be to allow students who can not make a test (or the single makeup time) to add the points to the final.

Test will not be done in time for class

Sorry...I tried, but I am not going to make it on the tests...we will have to wait until Thursday...



Sunday, October 03, 2004

Pro forma assignment

due to popular request, the project will not be due until AFTER break (Tuesday)...

I hope this takes some pressure off for your tests etc.