Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Marginal Revolution: Is Grade Inflation All Bad?

I really really doubt the vlidity of the French Study. My guess? THe numbers were small enough that the market did not differentiate.

Marginal Revolution: Is Grade Inflation All Bad?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wanna know the hottest item in China?- The Economic Times

Want to see why the world is getting flat?

Wanna know the hottest item in China?- The Economic Times: "The hottest selling item on Chinese shop shelves isn’t the latest electronic gizmo or any fashion item. It’s the old favourite — the Oxford English Dictionary. "

Friday, June 03, 2005

Financial Advice

I was asked this week to come up with a single paragraph of "best financial advice" by the FreeMoneyblog.

I will not post my advice yet on the FinanceProfessor blog, but since this blog is so much smaller and mainly just for students, I am sure he will not mind me sharing my response:

"The best financial advice I can give is to think long-term. While it seems simple, it is often very difficult. It means to save more than you think you need to save and spend less than you want to spend. The best way that I have found to do this is with automatic investment plans. These plans, which are available through all major mutual funds and through most employers, take money out of your checking accounts on a regular basis. This forces you to invest regularly and has the added benefit of making it easier to cut back on spending since if you do not see the money, you are much less likely to spend the money. "

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

InformationWeek > I.T. Careers > Is An MBA Worth It?

Wondering if your MBA is worth it?

MBADepot points us to the following articleInformationWeek > I.T. Careers > Is An MBA Worth It? > November 1, 2004

"Business-savvy tech execs are in demand and their compensation reflects that. In the last few years, business-technology executives who have MBAs have seen their compensation soar beyond that of execs who can only boast of years of experience toiling in IT.

That's the finding of a new study titled "The Effect Of MBA Education On Total Compensation Of IT Professionals," conducted by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. "

So the answer at least for those is IT seems to be a strong yes!

BTW cannot recommend MBADepot strongly enough! Good Site and great newsletter!