Thursday, March 29, 2007

Help Wanted

Is anyone looking for a job (10-15 hours a week)? Must be coming back next year. Ideally you qualify for work study, but if needed I will pay out of my own pocket. I just really need someone to relieve some of the paper work that has accumulated (I would say I am like the NYSE in 1968 but it may be too geeky of reference ;) )

What would the work entail? Largely excel and data collection, but sometimes correcting (scantrons), organizing my office (at least a little ;) ) etc.

Need not be a finance major!

Need not be local (i.e. the vast majority of this can be digitized and done remotely).

Newmark's Door: DeVito's speech from Other People's Money

Transcript of Larry the Liquidator's speech

Newmark's Door: DeVito's speech from Other People's Money:

"This company is dead.

I didn't kill it. Don't blame me.

It was dead when I got here."

HT the Unknown Professor and Newmark's Door

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well worth watching!

In the spirit of the World is Flat:

Did you Know?

Carl Case pointed this one out to us.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Managing Expectations

Lest you get hopes up too high for 402, I still have a test to give, so I will not be able to give tests back until Thursday.

So we will be doing the next case: MCI on Tues, Compania De Telefonos de Chile on Thurs

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

FPL Group is on test

Was just asked what cases are on the test;

Butler Lumber
Dell Working capital
Fixed income valuation
FPL Group

in class:
Loewen Group
Hospital Corp of America
Stone Container

402 test "stuff"

Gee, you'd think there was a test on Thursday with all the questions I have, so here so here goes:

1. Yes you need to know material from Cases
2. Yes you need to know the stuff we did before cases
3. Valuation is definitely fair game!
4. The test will be mainly multiple choice but may include other types of questions too. I really do not know yet as I have not finished it.
5. You are not allowed a cheat sheet.
6. It is in class.
7. Bring a pencil and a calculator!

hope this helps!


From Career Services:
HSBC Information Session - MANDATORY for an Interview!
Thursday, March 22 4:00 - 5:00 p.m., RC 211/213
Positions: Accelerated Management Trainee Intern; Sales Account Executive
Majors: Business
On-campus Interview Date: Friday, March 23 (Open Schedule)

*Please bring your resume to the Information Session and be prepared to sign up for an interview taking place the next day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I have to go to Buffalo this evening and can not make the class. Therefore we will be redoing the organization of the material.

Taditionally I show Other People's Money later in the year. However, since I can not be there it will be shown today.

Background and Things to look for in the movie (and yes it is definitely testable).

  1. This is an example of a hostile takeover. It was happening to break up the firm (it was worth more apart than it was together. This type of takeover was very common in the late 1980s (and to a lesser degree now when firms go private, sell off assets, and then go public again).
  2. Danny Devito's character is the stereotypical corporate raider. He is loved by shareholders but hated (and often bad mouthed) by managers.
  3. The takeover market is an external control mechanism. Note that it disciplines management.
  4. Greenmail is a targeted share repurchase plan that hurts the majority of shareholders. It is seen as a way of management keeping their jobs at the expense of shareholders.
  5. Stand-still agreements are agreements to not purchase any more shares until some future date.
  6. Poison pills are an example of shareholder right's plans.
  7. A 13D filing is required when you buy more than 5% of the firm.
  8. The Proxy contest that occurs is fairly typical (although outdated in nature). Both sides get to present their case (much like politicians in an election).
  9. How would a super majority amendment change this case?
  10. Why aren't more firms employee owned?

And finally in an attempt to squeeze even more fun out (and learning) out of the case, please download this mini-case and be able to answer the questions.

Cost of Living - Cost of Living Calculator from CNNMoney

Cost of Living - Cost of Living Calculator from CNNMoney:
"• Using data provided by researchers at ACCRA, Inc., we compare key expenses in dozens of major cities. Costs include housing, utilities, transportation and health care."

Accountemps - Candidate Free Resources

Accountemps - Candidate Free Resources:
"2007 Salary Guide
Advancing in your career requires staying up to date on hiring and compensation trends. The 2007 Salary Guide provides projected average starting salary ranges for more than 100 accounting, finance and banking positions, as well as an overview of the issues currently impacting the industry."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Providence Business News

I thought some of you might be interested in this:
Providence Business News: "
A member of Rhode Island College’s Class of 1989, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated $100,000 to establish a student-managed investment fund and class, the school said.

The donation, made in December, ultimately will benefit RIC’s School of Management. The money will establish a course in which a team of four to six students will learn short-term and long-term investment strategies, asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing, using U.S. and foreign securities and derivatives. The fund will start at about 65 percent U.S. equities, 20 percent bonds and 15 percent international stocks and derivatives."

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Fighter for Colleges That Have Everything but Status - New York Times

A Fighter for Colleges That Have Everything but Status - New York Times:
"...he argues that colleges with fewer than 3,000 students offer the best educational experience because students will have more opportunities to get to know professors well, both inside and outside the classroom.

“The smaller the school, the more impact it can have on a kid,” he said. He added, “My mission in life is to change the way people think about colleges"