Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ivo Welch, Teaching, Fall 2006

Ivo Welch, Teaching, Fall 2006:
"Recommended Curriculum For Students Interested in Finance

The following are my personal opinions for a good curriculum for students that want to specialize in financial economics. They have not been endorsed by any other faculty or committee."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some links that might hep the assigment for fin 401

I have had a couple questions such as

* But I'm having a hard time finding a stock that has fallen because of bad news
"I am working on the assignment to research a stock that has had a major collapse. I have been on yahoofinance, but I am really unfamiliar with searching for stock. Basically, I am at a loss on how to even start. Appreciate any help you can give me."
I am guessing a few others might be having trouble:

So, let's see, if I were doing this, I would start by looking for large losers for the year. Here is a very good stock screen from MSN Money that gives us the biggest losers for year.

Power Searches: Investing - MSN Money

Listing of biggest losers

Then go to the SEC Edgar site and look up some of the losers.

Hope this helps.

Friday, September 18, 2009

YTD Assets Class Returns: ...

Twitter / Lawrence McDonald: YTD Assets Class Returns: ...:
"YTD Assets Class Returns: Leveraged Loans 44%, High Yield 41%, Emerging Mkts 25%, S&P 15%, IG Credit 13%, MBS 7%, Treasuries -3%"

A good check of if you remember your intro finance? Check the S&P return using a spreadsheet and Yahoo finance.

Links we used in class

S0me of the links we used in 401 class:

Section:Business - Google Fast Flip

The News timeline

Here is the option calculator we used in SIMM

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here is the link to the Future Value Spreadsheet we used in 401

here you go! Future Value Spreadsheet.

From my 301/604 classes where I used it to show that small amounts do add up when you let them compound for a long period. (we used the cost of smoking as the spur)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ethics-Matters: Share Price as an Indicator for Good Corporate Governance

This is almost exactly like what we were talking about in 401 class the other day. Interesting!

Ethics-Matters: Share Price as an Indicator for Good Corporate Governance:
"...acting ethical in a business means, “Trying to maximize the long-term value of the firm”. In a simple manner, if you don’t act that way, it is a long-term loss for your party.

I’ll try supporting this with evidence from one of the most popular examples of contemporary corporate crimes in United States, “Tyco International” case."

To Multitask Effectively, Focus on Value, Not Volume - Conversation Starter - HarvardBusiness.org

To Multitask Effectively, Focus on Value, Not Volume - Conversation Starter - HarvardBusiness.org:
"...let me suggest that the alternative to multitasking is not single-tasking. In this day and age, that would be too slow. Rather the answer is to shift our mindsets from a focus on volume to a focus on value. Instead of checking off all the boxes and trying to get everything done, let's identify those activities and initiatives that will truly add value. It's OK not to do certain things, or to do them later. For example, in a recent merger, a team was debating whether to adopt Lotus Notes or Outlook as the standard email system. It's an interesting discussion, but in the short term it's not a value-creator for the combined company.

We all have choices to make, as individuals and as managers of organizations. What can you do to make sure that those choices are based on value rather than volume?"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

YouTube - CFA Exam Prep: Level 3 Preformance Evaluation

A couple of you have mentioned studying for the CFA, here is a one of many good videos to help your process.

YouTube - CFA Exam Prep: Level 3 Preformance Evaluation: "CFA Exam Preformance Evaluation."