Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some links that might hep the assigment for fin 401

I have had a couple questions such as

* But I'm having a hard time finding a stock that has fallen because of bad news
"I am working on the assignment to research a stock that has had a major collapse. I have been on yahoofinance, but I am really unfamiliar with searching for stock. Basically, I am at a loss on how to even start. Appreciate any help you can give me."
I am guessing a few others might be having trouble:

So, let's see, if I were doing this, I would start by looking for large losers for the year. Here is a very good stock screen from MSN Money that gives us the biggest losers for year.

Power Searches: Investing - MSN Money

Listing of biggest losers

Then go to the SEC Edgar site and look up some of the losers.

Hope this helps.

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