Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The National Commission on Writing - Press Release

The National Commission on Writing - Press Release

Why pay attention in English classes? Why read books? One reason is to improve your writing.

In a recent survey (released yesterday) business leaders made it known that "two-thirds of employees, both current workers and new hires, meet writing requirements. While lackluster writing skills do not necessarily impede success in all realms, more than half of the companies surveyed reported that they assess writing in hiring and promoting salaried employees."

"Writing is both a 'marker' of high-skill, high-wage, professional work and a 'gatekeeper' with clear equity implications," said Bob Kerrey, president of New School University in New York and chair of the Commission. "People unable to express themselves clearly in writing limit their opportunities for professional, salaried employment," he said

Sure the survey is no doubt biased (did you really expect the National Commission on Writing to conclude that writing was unimportant?!), but the finding is consistent with everything I have ever seen on the topic and it can serve as a valuable reminder to all of us.

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