Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Finance 422-tentative deadlines

ok, here is a preliminary outline for due dates etc. I am sure there are things I have left out but this can be our starting point.

Thursday (2/3/05) –We will also cover Chapter 6 and 7, so not as much time devoted to Index

  1. Preliminary “prospectus” criteria for inclusion in index due, name of index, how it differs from other available indices
  2. Website space needed—upload prospectus and excel file

Next Tuesday (2/8/05)

  1. list of all publicly traded WNY firms due. In class we will make group decision on questionable firms as to whether they meet criteria for inclusion.
  2. List of what to include on website as well as how to design the page, ideas, FrontPage?, name etc.

By Thursday 2/10/05:

  1. List of newspapers, business publications, radio stations with business shows—might want to keep the same county by county approach
  2. Next version of “prospectus” due—should include a discussion of actual computation of the index, firms included, how often it will be updated, where it is available online etc.
  3. Preliminary Web site

Tuesday 2/15/05

  1. Complete index—available only to class
  2. Addresses and letter to be mailed to publications above
  3. preliminary press release to PR dept.

Thursday 2/17/05

  1. Check backed data index to 2000 (further back if possible--but I have doubts)
  2. Comparison of index to Business First index, any other local index, S&P, Dow, Nasdaq
  3. directions as to how to update the index
  4. Press release announcing index to faculty

Thursday 2/24/05—invite Drs. Peterson, Horan, Fischer, Sister Margaret? (OTH?, Buffalo News?) etc to class to show them??? Totally your call on this one. I really do not feel like getting dressed up, but if you want the recognition, we will schedule it.

—final version ready for mailing out to newspapers etc.

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