Monday, March 14, 2005

MBA 610 tests are corrected

Well they are done. :)

I will give you all of the details in class, but overall they were pretty good :)

I do have a few concerns however. Namely it was suggested to me that there may have been cheating on the exam.

Thus, a few comments:

1. I will "up the bounty" on evidence. There will now be a 200 point reward.
2. I am entering the actual answers of students to look for extremely high correlations of answers. However, just eyeballing it, it appears that there may be a problem with a couple of students.
3. If you turn yourself in, the punishment will be much less severe.

You have to understand, I do not want to believe that anyone cheated. My prior belief is that you are innocent. However, if I am able to prove that cheating occurred, then I will be left with no choice but to take it to the Dean and the VP of academic affairs. This will force you to retake the class (which will really screw up some of your job plans!).

So, if you did cheat, please come forward. I will be much less harsh on those who self-report.

(I learned that from the NCAA ;) )

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