Thursday, June 29, 2006

Looking for a one credit course?

From the Chautauqua Institute:

A dynamic new partnership has created an exciting new opportunity for you and your St. Bonaventure colleagues and students this summer. Jamestown Community College and Chautauqua Institution are collaborating to offer “College Credit at Chautauqua,” a series of one-credit courses based on lecture themes at historic Chautauqua’s Institution Amphitheatre.

Each of the courses will include an introductory class, five Amphitheater lectures, five post-lecture classes of approximately one hour, and a wrap-up class. Students completing the course(s) for credit will be required to complete a writing assignment in addition to class and lecture attendance. Each course is offered at a special tuition rate of $44 for New York state residents and $80 for non-residents. Each student will also be assessed a $75 fee for Chautauqua Institution gate and parking passes for each course.

Please note that Week Eight (August 14 -18) focuses on “Business and Finance: America and the Fiscal Future, and whether the American economy will boom or bust. Does America lead the world with innovation and a resilient and productive economy or is America ‘running on empty’ as the world’s leading debtor nation? What are the effects, if any, of the aging baby boomers, the development of alternative energy sources and the birthrate? What are the likely effects of tax policy, state and federal spending and the strength of the dollar? The week will also explore the financial health of major markets and developing economies around the world and their relationship to the United States economy. Scheduled guest speakers include Paul Solman, Phillip Marineau, Richard Bernstein, and US Rep. Michael Oxley.

To register for this unique educational experience, call 716/376-7500, ext. 2332.

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