Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two emails from a past student

I won't say who (unless I get permission), but I got two emails from a former student today...

in first email:
"I wanted to drop you a note to say hello and share with you that your class has helped me tremendously at my job. I randomly have memories of your class lectures pop into my head....from Ratios to Backdating Stock Options (weird huh). Also, being able to speak in meetings and discuss the Nexus of Contracts to summarize the 'entire picture' has earned me brownie points.
Hope all is well."
I then thanked him/her and asked what exactly work involved etc. The reply contained the following:

"I work for [large investment bank who I will delete] doing Corp. Fin. Started in Jan. in Core Deposits Finance....but through successful networking got on their Finance Mergers & Acquisition now I am working on the LaSalle Bank merger in Chicago.
It's a pretty sweet gig because they got me a corporate apartment in downtown Chicago, let me fly anywhere I want on the weekends (within reason..), and I still have my apt in Charlotte.
It's interesting how in school I heard people say "We don't need to know this stuff now, because we'll be trained on the job".... well that is completely false... You should share it with your kids.
The competition is so intense in the workplace (from my observation) that there really isn't formal on the job training. You're given some guidance, but it's up to you to understand how things work. That is why I find myself going back to your website and re-reading Nexus of contracts and other notes (NPV, Cap Budgeting etc)...starting at the very high level to see the entire picture...not just the task that is asked of me. Now I see more and more of how you emphasized it every single day...

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