Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finance 401 test results

First a story...

In one of the first classes I ever taught there was a student who performed very poorly on the first test of the semester. He was the lowest in the class by quite a bit, a real outlier.

He was an athlete and I had to tell his coach. It was not fun.

But the student stopped me and assured me it was just a bad test and he would figure it out and show a big improvement.

Well he did. Reading the book, going over the notes, etc. and by the next test he scored above average. Continuing this progression he had one of the higher grades by the final and ended with an A- for the class. So it can be done! Do not lose hope after one exam. It means very little. It can serve as a wake up call but that is about it.

The breakdown:
Raw Percentage of
score 250 200
mean 141.4681 0.565 0.707
median 143 0.572 0.715
stdev 26.1541

max 199 0.796 0.995
min 87 0.348 0.435

I will post the key later today

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