Friday, December 14, 2007

Comments on MBA 610 Final

Hi Everyone...

Kevin B. will be giving the exam to you...

My thoughts are that since I will not be there, we will make a comments:.

First, as always, there is no collaboration. Cheating will result in an F for the class (and an A for the person who turns the cheater in if it is proven).

That said, I had said you were allowed a single page (front and back) for a "cheat sheet", but I think I will change that.

You can have as much as you want (so open book). However, no internet and no computers.

I will tell Kevin.

However, before you think "oh this will be easy", most of the advantage will be eliminated by time. You will have 2:45. (I am supposing it will take a few minutes to pass out the exams and Kevin said he would be a few minutes late.) I learned my lesson when I was a student and a teacher screwed up and gave us too much time and an open book test. So it is open book, but the test will be long. DO NOT WASTE TIME. You can look things up, but doing so will cost time. I am aiming to make it long enough to do without looking things up.

Do not go past 9:00.

There are 100 Multiple choice questions (although not equally weighted. The higher weighted ones are later in the test), plus 6 short answers (10 points each).

There may be an essay too. Not sure. I will decide in the morning once I get a better look at it all together.

Relax. Just show me what you know. You won't get 100% (well unless you turn someone in for cheating), but who cares? You are all doing pretty well and unless you truly blow it (or cheat), you will probably make it (since I have no idea on cases yet I can not say definitely you will all pass, but right now you are all passing.)

Good luck! See you all Saturday :)


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