Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking for a part time job??

Ok, so I really need help. (yeah probably "that kind" of help too, but....)

Was approved for funding through school of business for some hours, plus a bigger project which will also be funded (not sure how yet, but it will be):

The job entails:

* recording homeworks etc (EXCEL)
* research (online and in library--soon on Bloomberg machine as well)
* cleaning office
* helping with Websites (FinanceProfessor and probably BonaResponds.org as well)
* dealing with administration (getting purchase orders etc).

probably 10-15 hours a week. MAINLY flexible hours. Occasionally will have to be at office when I am around so maybe 1-3 hours a week of set times.

let me know if interested. Would look good on a resume!!

Definitely do not need to be a finance major, but that can't hurt.

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