Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Finance 402 Cases


3/10 Monday: Ben and Jerry
3/12 Wednesday: Fed Ex vs UPS

3/17 Krispy Kreme (Read the Financial Detective)
3/19 Padgett Paper (Kota Fibres not presented but is testable)

3/24 Server Vault &Best Practices-Not presented but it is testable--do we have class?
3/26 Nike (Coke vs. Pepsi not presented but it is testable)

3/31 Coke and Pepsi (read Boeing)
4/2 Compass Records (read Investment Detective)

4/7 Genzyme/Gel Tex (read Introduction to Debt policy and value)
4/9 Jet Blue IPO valuation (Read Structuring Corporate Finance policy)

Others will be announced ASAP

all are testable (so "read" or presentations)

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