Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jobs stuff

If you are in my class (or were in a previous semester) and want me to look over resume, just let me know. Not sure if I can help, but I guess can't hurt too much. Please get it to me this week or next.

Was speaking with a SBU alum last night who said I should mention Dallas as a relatively hot job market. He also agreed wholeheartedly, that looking at the SEC, the Fed, and other regulators makes much sense right now.

Personally, I am still looking for a part time (say 10 hours a week) person looking to earn some money, improve a resume, and learn some things. Ideally someone who is back next year, but I have reached a pretty desperate spot so will be open to others as well.

Update: SBU just sent the following link to their CareerFest.

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