Thursday, November 18, 2004

CollegeJournal | On the Job

Students at smaller schools (like SBU) often feel they are at a disadvantage in the job market. The WSJ helps to refute that view.
CollegeJournal | On the Job: "Research suggests that attending a prestigious school doesn't make a person more likely to be successful professionally "

My take on this is simple: yes it may be harder getting the first job coming from a small school: you may have to knock on a few more doors and send out a few more resumes, but after that, it is performance that matters!

BTW I have said before and will say again, the quality of education you get at Bonaventure really is top notch. I have friends at many of the top ranked schools around the world and the material we cover in class is identical in many cases and often we are ahead of them! So be confident when you hit the job market!

BTW this comes from the CollegeJournal a part of

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