Sunday, May 01, 2005

More job tips from the WSJ

CollegeJournal | Search Strategies: "The essence of good networking is the giving part, not the getting, and it takes time for someone who has just started to network to put enough deposits in the friendship bank to be able to make withdrawals. What have you done for the people you have called that would make them want to help you? Presumably, you want to be recommended for a job, referred to a hiring manager or be told of openings. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't give a referral or recommendation to anyone I didn't know well, especially someone who called me out of the blue. That's because I'm on the line if a person I refer doesn't work out. I wouldn't put my reputation at risk for just anyone.

Job hunters who network only because they need a job are the worst kind of networkers, says Ms. Nierenberg. She calls them 'hit-and-run networkers.'

'People who say they tried networking and it isn't working make me laugh, because they expect something overnight,' she says. 'But it's a process of relationship building, becoming an advocate for other people and creating trust"

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