Friday, May 27, 2005

Personal Finance Advice from Free Money Finance

I am excited about this-- A new finance web site by a football fan and a serious cyclist. It is a total given that I am going to link to it and mention it. What makes this even better is that the site is really good!

It is Free Money Finance.
Free Money Finance

It is not an academic finance site, but it is excellent for those of you looking for solid information about your personal finances.

The advice is dead-on! I especially suggest you all read the Best Financial Advice series.

A quick taste:

From Lesson 2:
"“Spend less than you earn. Successful financial planning really stems from that simple statement. If you retain a portion of your current income, youĂ‚'ll soon ask yourself a question: what should you do with that money? And that question is the beginning of wealth creation."

Great stuff!!! In fact I am going to cross post this on the FinanceClass blog as well.

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