Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How much to take from the blogs?

I was asked again about how much you are responsible for when it comes to the blogs.

The short version, try to get the main point(s) of the articles that are listed. YOU DO NOT NEED to read them all!!! If you get one or two things from each article that is related to your class, then I am happy and in the long run, you will learn much more than if you try to cram all of your learning into just the semester. Remember finance is fun! I expect many of you will be reading the blog long after you left class/school.

Here is a part of my response to the student who emailed me:

"Think of the blog as a course packet of largely optional readings...they are often interesting and can be used to get concrete examples of something we will be talking about in class.

The exception to this is if we actually do talk about a paper etc in class, then you should at least look at it...a test generally has 5% or so from the not a major concern...

and for all papers, just read to get the top two or three definitely do not need to print everything out!

hope this helps..."

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