Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Questions on cases

I have been asked several times about what is required for the cases. I am a bit reluctant to say spscifically since it will limit your creativity, but...

What exactly are you looking for for these cases? The one page write up consists of??????

well hard to say since I am not really sure....the one page memo (for when you are not presenting) is easy--must be on one page (single spaced, so maybe 2-3 paragraphs plus some questions--one paragraph summary, one paragrapgh main points of paper...then some questions you might ask the groups...so it all fits on one page....

The papers for the presentation are obviously more challenging...give me a QUICK recap (i would say less than a page), then discuss main point(s) of the case and give recomendation (and show why if possible using financial theory/numbers)...that is the fun part :) It should be less than 10 pages. Ideally 6-8. Be sure to cite things as necessary (I really do not care what format is used to cite things).

Hope this helps!

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