Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CollegeJournal | Find a Career Path

This is plus for the SBU sports minor if I have ever seen one! ROdney is scheduled to do the sports and Econ class in the spring. Definitely recommended!!

CollegeJournal | Find a Career Path:
"The NFL's finance chief used to work for Goldman Sachs. Its top two marketing executives were at General Motors and IBM. Its lead television negotiator ran sports for ABC and ESPN. The chief operating officer of its cable network handled finance for NBC's West Coast entertainment division. The head of its international division was a marketing executive for the liquor company Diageo....

If you're going to have these franchises that are worth north of a billion dollars, you're looking at it really as the business of entertainment, the business of intellectual property, the business of turnstiles," says Ms. James. "This is a very sophisticated time. It's not a back-slappy time." The booming supply of sports-related jobs extends well beyond the teams and leagues."

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