Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Team work from the Buffalo News--Buffalo Bills example!

Yeah I know, this link has very little finance content at first glance, but I think it is relevant and besides, remember everything fits in finance. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that it is about the Buffalo Bills ;) )

Buffalo News - Bills buying family plan from Jauron:
"We were together. We had like a family,' Villarrial said. 'We didn't let anything separate us, we didn't let anything get in our way, and we just stayed focused. And that's what Marv [Levy] and Dick have brought to this team is that family togetherness. With a GM and a coach on the same page, it's nice. We win together, we lose together and no one's better than the other person....'

'It makes a big difference,' Villarrial said. 'If you're a family you don't want to let down your family member. When you mess up a play you get more mad at yourself and you make yourself better because you just felt like you let your whole family down. That's what he brings to it. It's kind of funny in a sense but it's true. '"
It is also my view of most things. Call it family, call it team, call it a class, call it whatever. I am constantly amazed how well it works (see for instance the success of BonaResponds, 2001 Bears, Twins in almost any year, even Handson). When people on a team come together: they try harder, they gain confidence (quit being afraid to speak out or take chances), and they cooperate.

Success then comes to everyone and not just a few select "super stars". These ingredients lead to a successful team or organization.

While it does sound stupid, that is the same attitude that can develop within a class. Think back to your best class (probably just happened, right :)). But seriously, everyone is paying attention, answering questions etc. It is not just a few top students. EVERYONE gets involved. This leads to everyone coming to class prepared (including the teacher) since no one wants to be the reason the class is slowed or held back).

The business world and the job market, like football, are very competitive places, but like in football, being part of a group (be it a study group, a class, or better the whole university) can bring out more from everyone and result in wins (more learning, better job placements, and oh yeah more fun) than if the class is full of students largely in isolation from each other.

So don't be afraid to speak out in class or be a bit creative in your projects. That is how you (and the rest of the team/class) will get better.

And by the end of the semester, you will be totally amazed at how much you learned and how suddenly finance makes more sense than you ever thought possible!

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