Saturday, October 14, 2006

MBA 604 5 WEEK

Well I guess I didn’t miss a class afterall.

First of all, I hope you are all ok. If there is anything I (we) can do please let me know. On Sunday BonaResponds will be coming to Buffalo to do whatever we can. If you have any ties with church groups (any denomination), community centers, high schools, you name it that could use our help, please email (not me since I am still in Utah and hope to be back late Saturday.

As for class stuff….well I received the following from SBU:

"Class for the remaining three weeks will need to be adjusted in order for us to make up the contact time required for a three credit course. Please plan for a 5:00-9:00pm meeting for each of the next three class meetings, and please extend the Saturday classes until 4:00 pm. Alternately, adjustments to your teaching plan that involve a significant online component may be an option. Either way, we need to provide adequate instructional time to our students."

Which sounds very unappealing. I know we have to do something, BUT…asking you to be there at 5 on Friday and stay until 5 on Saturday seem a but much. I am open for suggestions. Email me.

One suggestion maybe I could put up audio from past classes and then have an online

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