Monday, October 02, 2006

MBA 604 questions

Questions from a couple of MBA students (I renumbered them for ease of use)

1). Will we know what the format is like for the test (Ex: Multiple Choice, Short Answer, True False)?

Uh, yes...all of the above...and probably throw in an or two essay too.

2) Will there be some type of review sheet posted because there has been some major confusion on what things might be on there and what will be tested (More specific than “up to this chapter”).

No. A good portion of learning (rather than memorizing) is to determine what is important. Sorry, I realize it is not as easy, but in the long run it will make you learn more and that is the goal.

3) Especially if there are three ways to do the same thing like three formulas or extra formulas you might have used in class but are not in the book. If the extra formulas or information is to be on the test will you let us know ....

Without knowing exactly what examples you are speaking of, I am confident that any "extra" formulae will get the same answer as those in the book. In that light, I do not care how you get the answer (short of cheating ;) ).

As for information that is not in the book, if we covered it, it will be tested. Indeed, if I were to say only things from the book, I would be embarassed by my lack of effort!!!!! A text is one portion of a class. If I were to merely follow the text, my EVA (Economic Value Added) would be close to zero.

4. Also if we get to make cheat sheet for the test can we use both sides and what are the other limitations for it?

Front of page (8 inches by 11 inches). It will be turned in with the test and you will get it back for final.

5. I have been practicing with the quizs that are online for the book but have noticed that they are for the 6th edition not the latest edition (7th which we have) but have no quizs online for it. In the 6th edition they emphasize different things and the chapters aren’t in the same order.

Sorry I missed that! I just changed it, but rest assured there is not much damage. Chapters 1-5 are very similar. In fact if you could do the 6th edition, you are in good shape as it was a tad more difficult.

Overall the coverage is pretty close and the math etc are the same.

As for whether you should be submitting the quizzes...nah. If you want, but by grad school that sounds too much like busy work. I would however so them.

and then a question from another student:

What chapters are on the test?

Chapters 1-8, 12.

BTW as a bonus to those who have read this far:

You can submit multiple choice questions and if it is accepted, then you will get an extra 1% on the test. Of course you SHOULD also get it right, so that is a double bonus :) and yes you have to submit an answer, and knowing me, I would give the added hint that the more challenging of question, the higher the probability of inclusion.

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