Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finance 401 test

Hi everyone,

A couple of questions have arisen on the test, so here goes.

  1. Yes I had uploaded the wrong file after updating the website. Here is correct link for class page.
  2. The test is in Murphy Aud at 6:30pm on Thursday
  3. It is cumulative, but obviously more on new stuff.
  4. Main Chapters from book: 9, 13
  5. (but to understand 9 you have to know others...such as 7 and 8....and probably 5 and 6 too...(but they were on first test too)...
  6. Other material: stuff on portfolio diversification, background on CAPM, current state of CAPM, Behavorial finance
  7. If I were to guess I would say about 10% of the test will be from blog, 60% from class, and 30% primarily from text.
  8. Yes the movie (Other People's Money) will be tested.

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