Monday, November 19, 2007

MBA 610 cases

Some information for the cases (which will be presented the last day of classes)

There will be 6 groups of 4 (well actually 5 of 4, one of 3)

each group will turn in a paper (4-5 pages max) plus any numerical analysis.

you will have 30 minutes for a plan on 20 min presentation, 10 minutes for Q&A. I am leaving it up to you, but generally you will want to take one side or the other. For instance, in Adelphia case, you probably would want to take side of either the creditors or the management.

The cases will be largely on a first come first serve basis (as in we will not have repeats)

Everyone has to contribute (and present)..

It is expected that everyone (even those not in the group presenting reads every case). Also the cases provided here are the starting point, it is expected that you will have to supplement the material somewhat from other sources.

cases to choose from:

1. Bankers Trust
2. Bear Stearns _still playing out
3. Fischer-Price (Mattel)-still playing out
4. US Savings and Loan crisis
5. Barings
6. Dalian Water Supply---a spreadsheet is available here for the case
7. Long Term Capital Management--if this one is chosen, there will be a longer discussion period.
8. E-Trade (still playing out)
9. Adelphia (have to admit I am getting sick of it, but if you really want it...)
10. Any other case with my approval.

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