Thursday, August 05, 2004

Text and web page for class

Fin401mainpage: "Finance 401 Advanced Corporate Finance "

I have had a couple people ask me already what text etc we will be using. So here goes:

The text book is Brealey and Myers Principles in Corporate Finance. The newest edition. I think it is the 7th. I apologize up front for the price, but I can make it a bit better by telling you that we will also be using it for 402 and I highly recommend that you keep it for either other classes or for the real world as a reference. It is VERY good.

In addition to the text you will need a "clicker" and license. You will have to purchase it through the bookstore. In fact think you may get a discount if purchased together. I am not sure. The "clicker" is less than $5 and the license is about $15? So plan on about $20 additional. (this is needed even if you plan on sharing a book) Want to know what a clicker is? Check out They will be used in class. Details to follow.

I am also highly recommending (but not outright requiring) a WSJ subscription. I will talk more about it the first day of class. My thoughts on the WSJ are that it is simply great and a tremendous source of information. While it does require some time commitment, the level of writing (and thought) is vastly superior than what you will find on most TV shows or even in most popular newspapers. But because I will be having you reading quite a bit (text, blog, newsletter, papers), and the NY Times is available on campus for free, I am not requiring it.

Also the new 401 class website is up. It is not yet complete, but it is better than nothing.

What is expected from you in class?

I have been told that I ask too much of students. I do not think so, but I guess the reputation is not totally without merit. I do ask that you keep up with the reading and to think. I hate pure memorization and try to challenge you to think and apply the material.

Overall, I expect you to have fun, but to work hard. I will if you will. ---LOL...

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