Thursday, September 15, 2005

Assorted topics

* The quiz for 401 will be at the end of class

* I had a couple of questions on internships. I would HIGHLY recommend them I am not saying they are required (and they only count for finance majors as a general business elective) BUT from the standpoint of getting a job and gaining experience, they are invaluable.

* Now that I know most of your first names, I realize there is a great temptation to leave name tags down, but I still think they help class flow and if there are multiple people with the same first name, and you are actively participating, you want to make sure I get the right one :) so short version? please continue to use name tags. (as an aside, if you do not, I will know who is not reading this blog ;) )

* It looks like there will be room for the finance club gulf coast trip. If you were unable to attend the meeting last night and still want to go, see me or one of the club officers.

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