Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finance 301 project

Given the questions I have been receiving as well as those I have not (i.e. in class when I asked on Friday) it seems like some people are either having some problems with the project or are putting it off.

To answer some of the questions, I just put together a podcast that should answer your questions. (think of it as "office hours to go").

I would also suggest that you follow the examples that are provided on the 301 page. These examples include using multiple tabs on the excel file. Something which you probably want to do. Moreover, be sure that everything is in equation form, and and just typed in.

Remember we want to be able to quickly and easily change assumptions.

Specific questions people have had:

* assume all sales for Nike are credit sales
* it is OK to use "sales" and "revenue" as the same thing
* failure to do any sensitivity analysis will probably be a letter grade difference
* think about how realistic your assumptions are. Why?

Good luck! and RELAX :)

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