Monday, September 05, 2005

Finance 301 chapters 1 and 2

For Finance 301 students:

A few quick comments that may make your lives easier

  • For Finance 301, there are several topics in chapter one (specifically section 1.3 on the legal forms of business organization) that were not covered in class. You should read these sections. We will cover them in a later context during the semester (for instance 1.3 will be covered in our Entrepreneurial Finance day in November.

  • You are responsible for the videos mentioned from the text (see class notes). The ethics videos (on Intel will be good introduction to why ethics matter.

Suggested problems from Chapter 1---you should know the questions and problems

As for the problems, know how to do 1.1 but I doubt I will ask one, but the idea will be important in entrepreneurial section in November.

Chapter 2

Questions and problems: pay particular attention to Q2-1, Q2-4, and Q2-6 to Q 2-9

problems: P2.2 is excellent and the animated solution is available on the text's web site.

P2-11 is much like a test question I may ask.

Hope this helped

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