Saturday, September 03, 2005

World is Flat video

Here is the video (interview with Thomas Friedman with focus on The World is Flat) I promised for Finance 301. It is from CSPAN. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

While most of the three hours is very good, pay particular attention to:
  1. the first 12 minutes
  2. 17:00 minute mark: on Indian school system
  3. 52:30 on the EU and the challenges facing them
  4. 1:00 on globalization
  5. 1:28 On importance of studying and working hard
  6. 1:46 on Wal Mart and our Nexus of Contracts
  7. 2:00 on Globalization
  8. 2:27 on multinational corporations and the power they have
  9. 2:30 on Creative Destruction
  10. 2:53 on Globalization and rising standard of living (creation of middle class)
I think you will really like it!

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