Friday, February 20, 2009

Finance 402 Groups

Well that was more difficult than I thought....I tried hard to keep those who wanted to work together together but MUCH harder to keep those who did not want to work together, apart.

So the teams are:

(Team "no clue"): Team 1: Brian, Ryan, Kevin F, and Tori
(Team Park and Shop)Team 2: David, Brennan, Kevin E and Angelo
(Team BonaResponds) Team 3: Rob, Steve, Jed
(Team Friendship) Team 4: Mark, Bryan, Mike
(Team Car Ramrod)Team 5: Carl, Alex, Beth

Then using a random number generator:

On Tues (first mover advantage is that you are not held to quite as high of standard since you do not know what to expect)

  • Team 5 will be the management of B&J and argue for social responsibility
  • Team 2 will be the consultants (investment bankers) who want to maximize shareholder value (taking into account that they are REMMs and looking out for themselves as well)
On Thursday for the Nike Case (be sure to read Chapter 12: best practices as well)

  • Team 1 will be the Nike Management: your job is to convince analysts that you are under valued
  • Team 2 will be the analyst deciding whether Nike should be bought or sold
This week Team 4 will be have primary responsibility for having questions for each group.

Those groups not presenting on any given day will also be expected to have questions AND for using the rubric that was given in class to help grade the presentations skills of each group.

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