Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spoiled Rotten? - Careers -

Just thought you might like to see what some employers are saying.

Today's Accounting Crop: Spoiled Rotten? - Careers -
"Enter the 'millennium generation' of finance and accounting professionals. Born in 1982 and later, they're high-maintenance types, requiring a great deal of hand-holding, mentoring, and immediate attention. Even after all that parental supervision, they can be incredibly fickle, choosing to stay at your company just until a better-paying, faster-growing offer comes along"
The article goes on to say how loyalty etc is gone and employees go to where they have a better offer. Which seemingly is a complain as old as business itself. But more than that, I do not even know why it is a complaint. For instance, firms will lay you off if they have down times, so taking a better offer should not be unexpected. Firms can not have it both ways. Corporate loyalty has to be earned.

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