Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Help wanted

Ok, I am willing to pay.

Not sure the title: FinanceProfessor assistant? (instead of Assistant FinanceProfessor...lol)

Probably about 10 hours a week. If we push it hard and get a paper out of it, you might be able to get an independent study grade out of it too.

Either way, you will learn quite a bit and should look good on your resume.

Preferred traits:
  1. Honest
  2. Self-motivated (I will not be with you 99.9% of time)
  3. Good writing skills
  4. Good spreadsheet skills.
  5. Some Website (html at minimum) skills
  6. Access to transportation
Must be available for at least 10 hours the week of finals (before graduation when grades are due) and weeks leading up to BonaResponds local weekend (April 24-26).

Ideally someone who is coming back next semester. Ideally someone who will be here for the summer.

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