Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not reading the text before class? Maybe these will help

I realize many of you are very busy and also that you have other demands on your time, but I do want to remind everyone that class is designed to supplement the reading of the text/notes online. It seems like some of you are coming to class not having read the material.

Consequently some of the vocabulary and ideas discussed in class may seem a bit foreign. In that spirit I offer you the following videos. They are not as good as the textbook, but people learn in different ways and maybe this is your way. Additionally some of them (especially the material from Bionic Turtle is flat out excellent) are very good.

Enjoy and have fun with them!

YouTube - savingandinvesting's Channel

And a little more technical lessons from Bionic Turtle.

The stuff from BionicTurtle is HIGHLY recommended. I just spent probably an hour just watching them myself. And while some or the "art" of finance is missing in that you still need to see the big picture etc (whole idea of not just using a model blindly), the material is really good!!

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