Monday, February 16, 2009

Speaker on Monday February 23rd.

In addition to the normal class, next week we have a great speaker coming to the University his material will be covered on tests, so you will want to either come or listen to his remarks online afterward.

It is David Campbell. He will be speaking at 12:30 and 1:30 in the Dresser Aud.

His first talk is aimed at the wider university audience (he will be talking about Business and Service) his 1:30 lecture will be aimed at a business audience (and this is what will be tested).

from his Bio on the About-Us page at
"David Campbell has been a technology executive, board member, investment banker, and humanitarian field volunteer. He went to Thailand immediately after the tsunami, and became one of the founders of, which brought over 200 volunteers and several hundred thousand dollars to assist the rebuilding of five Phuket fishing villages.

After hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast David joined with several other HandsOn volunteers to establish Hands On USA, and after one week on site the team had an operations center in Biloxi, MS, 50 volunteers committed and en route, and dozens of projects launched. In total over 1,500 volunteers helped HandsOnUSA serve the victims of Katrina.

In 2006 this volunteer response model became known as Hands On Disaster Response, and dealt with international events;
-an earthquake near Jogjakarta, Indonesia in summer, 2006
-the Fall typhoon, Durian, that caused extensive damage in the Philippines.
-in 2007 an expanded HODR responded to the Pisco, Peru earthquake. Over 550 volunteers from 30 different countries answered the call
-While Peru was still in full swing typhoon Sidr hit Bangladesh, and HODR operated simultaneous projects for the first time.
- Summer of 2008 saw a major assessment of the Sichuan, China earthquake, but a decision was made not to deploy due to lack of government approval for access. The extensive flooding occurring in the US Midwest led to a 4 month deployment... in Iowa.
- 2009 opened with a HODR project in Gonaives, Haiti, which will bring over 100 volunteers to assist in a variety of projects, including mud removal, well reclamation, and a variety of distribution tasks.

David's 40 year business background includes positions as President of BBN Technologies of Cambridge, and of GTE Labs in Waltham, as well as CEO responsibilities at public companies Computer Task Group of Buffalo and Xpedior of Chicago. Mr Campbell is currently a Managing Director of Innovation Advisors, an investment banking firm.

Mr Campbell has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Tektronix, M&T Bank, MRO Software, Gibraltar Industries, and PowerSteering software, and Niagara University and SUNY-Buffalo, as well as civic positions including Chairman of Roswell Park Cancer Institute Council, the Buffalo United Way campaign, and the Erie County IDA and Chamber.

Recognitions include an honorary doctorate from Niagara University, citizen of the year from The Buffalo News, and inclusion as a Fellow in the first year awards of the Purpose Prize.

He is a great speaker and you will definitely want to be there! (Btw here is a link to his talk in Buffalo, the video quality is bad, but the audio is well worth it!


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